Private Equity Associate
Apax Partners
Harvard Business School 2014 - 2016
Apax Partners 2012 - 2014
UBS Investment Bank 2011 - 2012
18 Consults
About Justin
Justin is currently a second year MBA candidate at Harvard Business School. Prior to MBA, he worked in private equity, mutual fund and investment banking industry in Asia. Justin holds a bachelor degree from Georgetown University.
Offers Received
UBS Investment Bank
Summer Analyst
Hong Kong
Morgan Stanley
Summer Analyst
Hong Kong
Deutsche Bank
Summer Analyst
Hong Kong
UBS Investment Bank
Hong Kong
Goldman Sachs
Hong Kong
Apax Partners
T. Rowe Price
Summer Investment Analyst
Baring Private Equity
Summer Associate
Hong Kong
McKinsey & Company
Hong Kong
Industry with Interview Experience
Investment Banking
Private Equity
Professional Experience
  • Apax Partners
    Private Equity Associate
    2012 April2014 August|Shanghai
  • UBS Investment Bank
    2011 January2012 April|Hong Kong
  • Harvard Business School
  • MBA 
  • 20142016
  • Georgetown University
  • BSBA Finance, Accounting
  • 20072010
Student Reviews
  • Kangli: Justin is a seasoned banker with experience in both sell side and buy side of top tier firms. His answers are to the point and offer invaluable insight to students in polishing their CVs, preparing for interviews and general career development path. I benefited a lot from the conversation with him and would recommend his for students seeking opportunities in investment banking and private equity.
  • Aug 27,2016
  • C: Justin explained to me the investment banking career path and further business education opportunities!! Very straightforward and clear.
  • Apr 03,2016
  • YITIAN: Justin is very professional and helpful. He walked me through the basic technical questions and was able to clarify any questions. He is patient and nice to talk.
  • Mar 17,2016
  • Yue: Justin is really helpful and he gives me plenty of valuable suggestions!
  • Mar 08,2016
  • Yue: Justin is very experienced and professional. He answered my questions patiently and his answers are insightful, which helps me a lot. He also gave me some practical suggestions about my resume. I highly recommend him!
  • Mar 04,2016
  • Yvonne : I found that Justin is so resourceful and insightful. I was overly optimistic about myself and lost in spreading my energies into different areas. Justin offered me his genuine suggestions on how to achieve my ultimate goals. If you really want to break into IBD or PE and are currently stuck, I really recommend you to talk with Justin. Big takeaways are that you really need to develop your strategies, put your efforts and be persistent! Cross my fingers for myself:P
  • Feb 04,2016
  • K: Justin is knowledgeable and has awesome practical work experience. He is super nice and willing to share. After talking with him, I gained insights on how an interview of a investment banking position would be and some tips on how to deal with tough situations encountered in interview. Strongly recommend students who want to break into investment banking talking with Justin!
  • Feb 03,2016
  • Yang: Justin was very helpful! He through the process of how short-term career goal leads to long-term career goal with me and clarified a lot of staff in job searching. His suggestions on job searching and resume are also very practical. In addition, he helps me on restructuring my resume and knowledge structure, which helped me a lot in an interview immediately after talking with Justin. I would absolutely recommend Justin to anyone who's interested in Asian IBD/PE.
  • Dec 15,2015
  • Steve: Justin is a super nice and approachable mentor, with a lot of critical insights into the financial services industry, especially in greater China area. He updated my understanding of this industry and let me realize how important long-run planning is (not only for my first job after college but also in longer term). I would recommend everyone talk to him if they are interested in doing investment banking / private equity in Asia.
  • Dec 14,2015
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