Private Equity Firm
Current: Private Equity Associate

Former: Investment Banking Analyst at Morgan Stanley

Education: Middlebury College
7 Consults
Industry with Interview Experience
Investment Banking
Private Equity
Professional Experience
  • Private Equity Firm
    2014 Augustpresent|New York
  • Morgan Stanley
    Investment Banking Analyst
    2012 June2014 July|New York
  • Middlebury College
  • BA Economics
  • 20082012
  • The American School in London
  • 20062008
Student Reviews
  • Henry: Alyssa was extremely helpful. She walked me through a very extensive mock PE interview and gave me great advice in terms of how to approach some of the common interview questions. She is genuinely helpful and is very articulate. I would highly recommend Alyssa to everyone.
  • Apr 07,2016
  • Christine: Alyssa offers great insights in the buyside recruiting process and has helped me tremendously with interview preparation in various types of questions including behavioral and technical.
  • Jan 18,2016
  • Annie: Alyssa was awesome! We did a few mock interviews and covered both technical and behavioral questions. She gave me very helpful comments on how to tell my stories.
  • Nov 14,2015
  • Jason: Enjoyed talking with Alyssa. She's a very nice person to speak with and offers candid feedback / answers to any questions.
  • Nov 13,2015
  • Jason: I did not have much experience in informational interviews and I had one with a senior person at Goldman Sachs in a week. Alyssa was extremely helpful. She gave me advice on what were good questions to ask, how to phrase my speech and helped me practice the conversation.
  • Sep 23,2015
Career Conversation (30 minutes)
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Mock Interview (1 hour)
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Practice for your big interview with company insiders who can tell you how to land the job.
Resume Critique (1 hour)
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Forget paid resume writers. Have actual company and industry insiders critique your resume. Critiques include inline recommendations, high-level advice and completely refreshed resume.
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