New Enterprise Associates (NEA)
MIT 2013; Venture Capitalist with extensive experience in M&A ibanking (MS), consulting (McKinsey), and HF interviews.

Member of recruiting teams.
38 Consults
About Yida
Yida graduated Phi Beta Kappa (4.9/5.0) from MIT with degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and minors in Finance and Economics. He has experience and received offers in the following industries: venture capital, investment banking, hedge funds, consulting and private equity.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/yida-gao/17/4b4/17

NEA: http://www.nea.com/team/yida-gao
Offers Received
Morgan Stnaley
Goldman Sachs
JP Morgan
New Enterprise Associates
Oaktree Capital
A Tiger Cub Hedge Fund
Industry with Interview Experience
Investment Banking
Financial Services
Hedge Fund
Tech / Startup
Professional Experience
  • New Enterprise Associates (NEA)
    2015 Augustpresent|Menlo Park
    NEA is the world's largest venture capital firm with $17Bn+ in committed capital and has had over 200+ IPOs and 300+ acquisitions in its 38 year history. Member of the technology team.
  • Morgan Stanley
    Mergers & Acquisitions Analyst
    2013 June2015 July|NYC
    Member of the M&A investment banking team.
  • JP Morgan
    Summer Analyst
    2012 June2012 August|NYC
    Member of the Diversified Industries investment banking team.
  • McKinsey & Co.
    2011 June2011 September|Boston
    Analyst in the enterprise IT technology group.
  • MIT Sloan School of Management
    Head Researcher
    2010 September2013 June|Boston
    Corporate finance researcher under Professor Paul Asquith.
  • Integrated Systems and Tactics
    Software Developer
    2010 June2010 September|Cambridge
    Software developer working with on network simulation models.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Bachelor Computer Science and Mathematics
  • 20092013
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Mathematics/Computer Science (Minors: Finance and Economics); GPA: 4.9/5.0 - Phi Beta Kappa

    MIT Varsity Track and Field (pole vaulter), Phi Beta Epsilon Fraternity, Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, Traders@MIT, VentureShip, Asian American Association
  • George Walton Comprehensive High School
Student Reviews
  • Yuyan: Good! He is so nice and professional. He helped me correct many unauthentic words and delete some unnecessary sentences.
  • Aug 27,2017
  • Xiaotong: Yida is very helpful and provides a lot of professional advice for the resume. He is an industry expert of investment banking. I am inspired and gain a lot of valuable knowledge from him.
  • Sep 12,2016
  • Shuyi: Yida is no doubt a professional for resume critique. My last resume which was edited by Yida worked extremely well with all kinds of investment banking applications. Now new experiences came in. I reached out to Yida for help again and he was as nice, helpful and knew exactly what investment banks were looking for on your resume as before. Sometimes, you are not sure about which experiences and what aspects of them should be on the resume, and Yida just knows it so well that you can 100% rely on him. He would always take extra time and effort to read through my resume again after i put everything together. He puts 100% effort on the resume critique and the 1 hour resume critique session is well worth it!
  • Aug 02,2016
  • Hao: Very helpful. He always goes the extra mile to help his mentees.
  • Apr 11,2016
  • Steve: Yida is really helpful as a mentor with a lot of insights in to investment banking recruiting and venture capital. My talk with him was really inspiring as he gave me a lot of suggestions on networking and how to prioritize my internship targets. He also gave me some tips on how to amend my resume, which I found really helpful. I would recommend everyone who is interested in investment banking or venture capital talk to Yida.
  • Jan 06,2016
  • Bella: Really appreciate having a great mentor like Yida. He provided me very insightful opinions on my resume. With his background and experience, he really polishes my resume like a pro. In addition, he gave me very useful advice on networking. Highly recommended!
  • Dec 13,2015
  • Bella: Yida is a great mentor! He is very patient and helpful. He shared his experience with me and gave me insightful advice on networking strategy. Strongly recommended if you need help with your IB recruiting!
  • Dec 08,2015
  • El: Yida's great! Offered very insightful advice and helped me come up with recruiting strategy.
  • Nov 22,2015
  • G.: Yida is the right person to reach out if you are interested in IB, VC, and consulting. He shared his own experiences with me and offered insightful suggestions on which career would be a better fit for me. I def felt his willingness and generosity to help mentees prepare for the internship-seeking process. Strongly Recommended!
  • Nov 21,2015
  • Han: Yida provided me with very valuable insights in polishing resumes. He also shared his own experience from a recruiter point of view. In addition, he gave me certain suggestions on selection of internship programs. He is a really nice and patient mentor. I would highly recommend him to all of you who are planning to work in IB, consulting and VC etc.
  • Nov 14,2015
  • Yizhen: Yida helped me with my resume and cover letter. He is very patient and helpful. With his experience and background, he really get my resume and cover letter to the next level. Also he gave me useful advice for the upcoming recruiting season. Strongly recommended!
  • Nov 06,2015
  • fei: Yida would provide you many great insights from the industry perspective and definitely helpful in polishing your resume!
  • Nov 03,2015
  • Wen: Yida is nice. He has clear understanding about the recruiting process and what to pay attention to. He also gives substantial and specific advices. He uses his personal connection to help which is even better. I would recommend him to my friends and come back to him if I have more questions.
  • Nov 02,2015
  • Gabby: Yida's mentor style is very process-focused and personalized. As a long-term program mentor, he started out by getting to know me. He asked me to share my background, internship experiences and anything that might tell people who I am. From there, we worked together to customize my resume and shape it towards the position I was applying to. Then we came up with a strategic plan to get me where I wanted to be including timelines, to-do list etc. It's great to have such a wonderful mentor holding my hands through the process so that I know exactly what to expect and to work on not only during the interview process but also my personal development.
  • Nov 02,2015
  • Shuyi: Yida is really nice and helpful. He has great experiences on banking, consulting and venture capitals and his advice for my resume is really insightful. I have been to my career center, the career center for graduate students and also other classmates and elder friends, but none of them has given me the advice as precise and professional for my resume as Yida did. I am going to have more sessions with Yida today and I really recommend Yida to all of you who have a hard time in drafting, editing and polishing resume.
  • Oct 20,2015
  • James: Yida is very insightful! Helped me a lot!
  • Oct 04,2015
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