About Mntors

Founded in 2015, Mntors is an online platform and trusted community where job seekers can network with and pay for on-demand career advising services from working professionals in all industries. Our mission is to demystify conventional recruiting process and empower job seekers with the right resources to pursue the dream career.

Founders & Team

Jackson, CEO & Co-Founder

Graduated from Wabash College, Jackson spent the first few years of his career in investment banking and technology. Once a career advisor in the career services office of his alma mater, Jackson is passionate about helping people with their career development. When Jackson is not working on Mntors, he enjoys jumping out of airplanes and cooking exotic meats.

Terry, COO & Co-Founder

Graduated in 2014 from Northwestern as an engineer, Terry has a true passion for technology that brings people together. In college, he lead the development of key functions of Wildcatpad.com, an on-campus housing search platform for Northwestern students. Whenever he has a chance, Terry likes to enjoy the sunshine, and hiking trails in California.

Ding, CTO & Co-Founder

Graduated in 2015 from University of Illinois, Ding briefly worked at one of the best food delivery service startup in Chicago before quitting to work at Mntors.com full time. He is excited about technology and innovation. Ding founded and sold a website when he was only a teenager. During his time in college, he was a co-founder of a released social app Dinelog. 

Paul, Engineer

Graduated from University of Illinois Computer Science in 2015, Paul is currently a visiting scholar on a project with a top search engine company, focusing on search engine optimization and related algorithm. During his time in college, he was a co-founder of a released social app Dinelog. He is enthusiastic about making continuous contribution to the community with his computer science background.

Like our idea? Want to learn more? Feel free to shoot an email to contact@mntors.com