Refund Policy

We are sorry if you are not satisfied with the session with a mentor, specifically due to the following reasons:

- Mentor does not show up

- Mentor is late for more than 15 minutes without advanced notice

Termination for long-term program

The Agreement may be terminated by Mntors, at the sole discretion of Mntors, for any reason including, but not limited to, a determination that Mentee wants to end the program (subjected to conditions) or is not sufficiently committed to the application process to complete the work required by him or her to submit a quality application. In the event of such termination, Mentee shall be refunded for any amounts in excess of $240 per hour for consulting time (including phone time, email time and time spent on other SNS platforms) utilized less a $250 administrative fee. 

Mentee MAY terminate the program early if:

1. Within the Program period, Mentee tries to schedule sessions with the Mentor but the mentor is not available within a week or does not respond within 48 hours and such incident happen more than three times;

2. Within the Program period, Mentee makes written complaints to Mntors about the Mentor more than three times but issues do not resolve. 

Program Period is defined as the same academic year the long-term program is booked. Each academic year ends May 30th of that calendar year. For example, if a long-term program is signed in September 2015, the program ends May 2016. If a program is signed February 2016, it ends May 2016. 

Mentee MAY NOT terminate the program early if:

1. Mentee simply does not find a job within the program period;

2. Mentee finds a job before the total session hours are used;

3. Mentee did not make written complaints as above during the program period

Send us an email at We will try our best to assist you.